On Magazine on St Patty’s Day. Hmmmmm.

Bienville Street—an anomaly in the French Quarter. 

The thunder dome? Na. Market Street Power Plant on Tchoup in New Orleans. You cannot get near these things in New York—there’s not enough insurance in the world that would make it okay up there. So when I visited this the other day in Nola, it was like I was finally given the answer to a question that’s been in mind forever…what the hell do these places look like inside. The answer—so freaking cool. 

Highway 55 from the swamp below. Ankers, LA

This is NOT a movie set. These are not stunt drivers. Gretna, LA

You gotta really love the this color to go this far. A resident in Uptown gets their purple on! 

Overpopulation?Not a problem in New Orleans. Overgrowth? A problem. The subtropical humidity of the region breeds plants and weeds that cling and grow at hyper-speed. It doesn’t take long for a property to become overrun by them. The other day, I saw a street sign with a high weedy cap that seemed to be growing upwards, for there was nowhere left to grow. Sadly I didn’t have my camera with me(a rarity) but noted its whereabouts and promise to post it. It was cartoonish and strange enough to make a return trip. Stay tuned…

Holy Oil Refineries! As far as the eye can see. Route 44 aka “the river road” west of La Place (about 25 miles from New Orleans). 

I get the “No Crack Selling” but “No Cat Selling?” Is this a euphemism? Or is the selling of actual cats really a problem? This tire/fix-a-flat shop is on St. Claude in the Bywater neighborhood.

Po Boy Preservation Fest was in full fried foodie swing on Sunday on Oak Street. The Po Boy sandwich, Louisiana’s answer to the submarine sandwich (of the midwest) or the hoagie (of the northeast) is almost always filled with meat or seafood which is usually fried(well of course!) . Although there were at least a couple veggie options- the fried mashed potato po boy and the fried bread pudding po boy from Dantes. Po Boys are always served on French baguette type bread and like most of the delicious food down here, you may require a nap after eating. Viva la Po Boy!